An amazing film

    A very good film

    Worth the money to check out at least at a matinee

    Didn't impress me much either way

    Bad, Bad, movie

    It should go back into the shadows from whence it came!!!


Here’s the thing about Hamlet 2. I think your enjoyment of this film will hinge upon whether or not you find Steve’s manic depressive antics funny. If you don’t, you’ll hate this, because it’s all him, in the same way a Jim Carrey film is all Jim Carrey (whose antics I now loathe)…

The stuffy E Street audience wasn’t laughing nearly as much as I thought they should at Mr. Steve, but even I have to admit the pantless joke was run into the ground.

I personally found him hilarious and am now crushing hard on the man.

The beginning of this movie gives Tropic Thunder’s beginning a run for the money. In fact, it easily bests it, in my opinion. I laughed so hard, I hurt myself, y’all.

Then it gets uneven in the laugh department, lessening significantly as the movie runs its course.

Still the film is very energetic in a way that draws you along, despite the thin characters and thinner laughs late in the game. None of the students made an impact, except Skyler Astin, whose enthused jog near the beginning had me rolling; and Catherine Keener, of course, who is her regular, affably funny self.

The music wasn’t as good as the hype machine would have you believe. “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” wasn’t all that, but the first song performed in the musical was awesome. Also, for all the talk about how torrid and risque the musical was, the final product left me wanting in that department…except for that first song.

This is easily one for “the every time it comes on cable, the remote will stop surfing” pile. If you’re the type who loves these kinds of movies (vulgar, Brit, slapstick, served with a big cheesy smile) then you’ll love this.

I am that type and therefore I loved this movie.

It gets the , for the rest of y’all, though.

PARENTS: It’s all language. Nothing vulgar is shown, except for a blur of a frontal and a naked booty. I think the teens are good to go.